The country's largest Opportunity Zone Expo on Nov. 12-13 will announce the winners of the Top 25 Honorary OZ Influencers Award, which are companies who have made a special impact in the OZ space in the Covid-19 world.

The event is also featuring Colorado governor Jared Polis as the keynote speaker. He will share how his state is encouraging the OZ initiative and promotes it for increased recovery, expansion and investment.

The online expo follows the success of the company's sold-out conference series and is set to again be the nation's largest event in the Opportunity Zone investment industry. Hundreds of industry professionals will log in to a virtual conference world to network and learn from educational panels, including fund managers, attorneys, real estate developers, tax specialists, investment banks, potential investors and government officials.

About 50 distinguished speakers will discuss the latest about launching your own Qualified Opportunity Fund, how to structure your OZ investment, what role the OZ funds can play in your capital stack and how to get a ROI while making a difference with social impact investing. Participants can also learn about how the coronavirus crises has changed the Opportunity Zone landscape and how the election will impact the industry moving forward.

"In the midst of the Covid-19 crises, Opportunity Zones continue to provide unmatched economic opportunities across the United States, especially to revitalize the economy and distressed communities," said Ali Jahangiri, CEO of "By providing tax incentives, Opportunity Zones are benefiting both investors, funds and thousands of residents in local communities that will reap the benefits of revitalization, business investment and jobs. The zones are a win-win for everyone involved, and our virtual expo brings the key players in the industry together to make it happen."

Headquartered in California, the Opportunity Zone Magazine and mentor industry leaders about beneficial tax incentives through the Opportunity Zone community development program established by Congress under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Specifically created within the act are Opportunity Zones, which are low-income communities that are attractive for investment because they offer tax incentives to investors. There are 8,700 zones in all 50 U.S. states, five territories and Washington, D.C.

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