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Ohio adopts beneficial OZ incentive to attract investments..

Ohio’s recent adopted state budget signed by its governor includes a provision that is doubling portions of the state’s Opportunity Zone (OZ) tax benefits, a move that could drive further investment into the Buckeye State from around the country by investors looking to cash in.

July 13, 2021 04:45PM

“Opportunity Zones are a powerful tool for development, gr..

Colorado Governor Jared Polis – an entrepreneur, education leader and public servant – shares insight about the role of Opportunity Zones for economic development, how to encourage public/private OZ partnerships and what the OZ tax incentive can do for rural and distressed areas in his state.

July 08, 2021 11:58PM

America’s Top Project to be showcased at the country’s lar..

Compete for the title of America’s Top Project at the country’s largest Opportunity Zone Expo in Denver on July 15-16! This shark tank-style Opportunity Zone competition will have eight developers pitch their projects to a panel of honorary judges for a chance to capture the coveted Top Project or..

July 01, 2021 09:31PM


Join us at our nationwide conference dedicated to Opportunity Zone stakeholders. Through its extensive network of professionals and industry experts, the Opportunity Zone Expo helps expand your business network and keep you updated about the industry.

Economic Development Agencies

Economic development agencies develop and bolster economic growth within a defined city, state or region. The agencies provide necessary resources and invaluable assistance, making them among the best sources of information for start-ups and expanding businesses looking for new development or investment opportunities.

Many of these agencies throughout the United States have created a prospectus highlighting their Opportunity Zones. The agencies note what projects or developments are needed and would be successful for their communities.

The Opportunity Zone Expo’s goal is to promote agencies using our product offerings, such as our website, podcasts, magazine, social media accounts and events. Using the Opportunity Zone Expo platform will gain exposure to potential investors across the country.

Featured Economic Development Agencies