Jill Homan

Washington, D.C.


About Jill Homan

Jill Homan is president of Javelin 19 Investments in Washington, D.C. It is a real estate development, investment and advisory firm focused on the Opportunity Zone (OZ) incentive.

Homan has more than 15 years of experience in real estate development totaling almost $500 million in capitalization. At Javelin 19, she oversees the sourcing, underwriting, structuring and executing of new investment opportunities. Focusing on the mid-Atlantic region, Homan leads her team to acquire value-added multifamily and office properties ranging from $5 million to $50 million. She is currently co-developing a $52 million multifamily OZ project and has successfully raised and closed OZ capital. With extensive knowledge of emerging communities and expertise in policy and real estate, Homan advises investors and family offices on the application of the OZ tax incentive. Homan’s political and policy experience comes from her previous positions on Capitol Hill as a legislative assistant and press secretary. Currently, Homan holds a voluntary position as a member of the Republican National Committee and represents Washington, D.C.

Prior to establishing her own firm, Homan served as vice president of Perseus Realty, where she managed the acquisition, underwriting and capitalization of ongoing projects. She also worked as a territory manager at John Deere.

Homan earned her MBA and MPP from Duke University. She also holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Dayton. Homan has been a panelist at numerous OZ conventions and has testified at both IRS OZ hearings.