Kim Taylor

St. Augustine, FL


About Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor is an attorney. She is founder of Syndication Attorneys PLLC, based in St. Augustine, Florida.

Syndication Attorneys is a boutique law firm that assists clients nationwide with federal real estate securities offerings. Its team helps small business owners and developers structure investment opportunities to attract foreign and domestic private investors. The firm was founded in 2016.

Taylor helps clients with legal documents, structures, and entities for real estate transactions and small business start-ups. She also teaches clients how to use securities laws effectively and provides them with the tools they need to legally reach their business goals.

She has also co-founded the real estate securities law firm Trowbridge and Taylor LLP. Licensed as an attorney in California since 2002, Taylor has made corporate securities law her primary focus since 2008. She has been licensed as an attorney in Florida since 2012.

Taylor is a nationally recognized expert in the securities industry and is also a speaker, instructor and author. She has written numerous articles on syndication, corporate securities and raising funds from private investors.

Taylor graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science degree in earth science and environmental science. She holds a law degree from the University of Denver.


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