OZ Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 2


How Property Owners Can Take Advantage of the OZ Program With Real Estate They Already Own in an OZ
An existing OZ property owner, even with property acquired before 2018, has several options to reap the benefits of the OZ initiative to raise capital and attract financing.
Rohit Kapuria
Q&A with Fran Seegull, executive director of the U.S. Impact Investing Alliance: Opportunity Zones help to give everyone a shot at the American dream
Equipped with the right impact reporting requirements, Opportunity Zones can solve affordable housing shortages, revitalize vacant properties, promote sustainable agricultural practices and spur economic development in distressed communities.
Opportunity Zone Expo Staff
Top Ten Misconceptions in the New Proposed Opportunity Zone Regs and Beyond
Despite an updated set of OZ regulations, some misinterpreted information is still circulating among investors, developers and fund managers. Learn what the facts are about land-banking, the self-certifying process, leased property, sin businesses and “the original use” requirement.
Olivia Byrne
When in Doubt Leverage the Power of Data
Data can be a powerful tool to provide critical insights to validate potential investments. Learn about three simple steps that can help you mitigate risk and make informed data-based decisions.
Stefan Shimenes
Encouraging Affordable Housing Development in Opportunity Zones
Opportunity Zones are a new tool that can help revitalize communities and provide more affordable housing. Housing Finance Agencies across the country are adding more incentives to create developments in their regions.
James Tassos
OZ Titan Derrick Morgan aims to align his investments with his values
Retired NFL linebacker Derrick Morgan is on a mission to create more opportunities in underserved communities. “This is what I was called to do — attack these things in an intentional way,” he said.